Warehouse space utilization and labor reduction solution

Business Objectives

  • Reconfigure the facility layout to utilize space more efficiently
  • Gain better visibility of operations
  • Add-on to the current system to better handle increasing volumes
  • Reduce the need for temporary workers during seasonal peaks
  • Eliminate system jams and maintenance issues
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Elsevier Redesigns Warehouse to Utilize Space & Reduce Labor

Elsevier, a textbook publisher and distributor, needed to expand its operation, improve operational efficiencies and increase throughput, so they came to us.  The automated solution we designed and implemented is outlined in this case study and video.


Key Technologies

  • Weigh scale (Weightronix)
  • Dunnage machines
  • Sawtooth merge 
  • Activated Roller Belt (ARB) conveyor
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI)
  • Intermec scanners
  • Accumulation conveyor with full zone braking
Elsevier Order Packing

Order Packing


See the results

Addition of a 7,400 square foot mezzanine and reconfiguration of the packaging area created additional space for product and storage

Throughput was increased from 14,000 orders a day to roughly 20,000 orders a day 

Reduced labor needs by 18 percent (110 to 90)

Added a human machine interface to for visibility of conveyor status and controls of equipment

Greatly reduced downtime, jams and product damage on the packaging and shipping sortation lines

Elsevier Conveyor System

Accumulation Conveyor


Photos of our solution

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