Mary Kay

WMS Automation Case Study

Business Objectives

  • Update system technology by replacing outdated pick to light system without affecting ongoing operations.
  • Increase order fulfillment throughput capacity.
  • Provide an ergonomic work environment for the staff.
  • Achieve higher accuracy in picking and labeling of orders to enhance customer service levels.
  • Growth capability for additional throughput requirements over the next 5 to 10 years.
  • Smooth integration with the Mary Kay's host information and manifest system.
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Maximizing Labor Utilization and Productivity at Mary Kay’s Mississauga Facility

Mary Kay has grown from a small direct sales company to the largest direct seller of skin care products and the best-selling brand of facial skin care and color cosmetics in the United States. Mary Kay Canada partnered with Bastian Solutions to automate its Mississauga, Canada distribution center.

Mary Kay Distribution System Rendering

Key Technologies

  • Single level pick module using pick to light systems for high volume broken case picking
  • Bastian's Exacta  warehouse management system for inventory control
  • Interface between the Exacta warehouse management system and Mary Kay's ERP system
  • Automated pack process 
  • Automod warehouse simulation for validation and benchmarking

See the results

Operator pick rates improved 25% due to ergonomic improvements and 100% system up time.

Operators experienced increased job satisfaction due to system reliability, ease of use, and ergonomic design.

The Exacta warehouse management system and smooth integration with Mary Kay's existing information system will help Mary Kay reach their growth goals.


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