Amway - Ada, MI

Order Picking Case Study

Business Objectives

  • Inefficient systems and processes slowed order fulfillment times and hindered customer service
  • Picking processes were slow with high error rates
  • Product cartons were oversized, wasting space in shipping trailers
  • Large facility footprint increased operational costs
Amway MI

New Material Handling System Allows Amway to Streamline Operations & Improve Customer Service

Amway—a leading direct seller of nutrition, wellness, beauty, and home care products—needed to streamline operations to increase efficiencies and improve customer experience. The company moved its Midwest Regional Service Center to a new facility—where it operates in a 50 percent smaller space—and installed a new, automated material handling system. The system can handle more than 30,000 cartons a day, and features energy-efficient conveyor, a warehouse control and management system, voice- and light-directed picking technologies, and a unique carton lidding system.


Key Technologies


Spiral Conveyor


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Reduction in shipping container waste allowed trailers to hold an additional 6,000 pounds, removing 1-2 trailers per week from the shipping schedule

The new system maintained the same amount of throughput in a 50% smaller facility

Employee training time reduced from 30 to 5 minutes in pick areas

Increased scanner and pick accuracy

Faster order fulfillment times and improved customer experience

Smaller facility and energy-efficient conveyor reduced operational costs


Pick to Light


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