B&H Photo

Packaging Systems Case Study

Business Objectives

  • Aesthetics and quiet operations were very important as the system is visible to retail store customers
  • B&H wanted to expand and update their current system to service both the 1st and 2nd retail floors and handle increased sales volume
  • Retail space in New York City is very expensive so minimizing the equipment footprint was critical
  • B&H is located in the heart of Manhattan, so travel and lodging was expensive for the project team
  • Installation had to be done overnight so as not to interfere with store operations

B&H Uses Quiet Conveyor on the Retail Store Floor

B&H Photo is a leading provider of new and used imaging products including cameras, video equipment, computers and more.

B&H needed to expand their current system to service a new 2nd floor retail space. Bastian's mission was to expand and update the current system of conveyors and vertical lifts to service the new second floor and the increased volume. With flexibility and creative design, we were able to deliver a system that exceeded B&H's expectations, all the while continuing with normal store operation.

Conveyor system at B&H Photo

Key Technologies

  • Intelligent Packaging Systems conveyor with Itoh Denki powered rollers
  • United Sortation Solutions Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors (VRC's)
  • NERAK Systems Continuous Vertical Conveyor (CVC)
  • Accu-sort Scanners Model 20 II
  • Bastian Controls

See the results

Customers receive their selections quickly and quietly

Bastian's efforts exceeded B&H Photo’s expectations

The Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors maximized floor space and were aesthetically pleasing for the customer

Phased cutovers from the old to new system were very successful and allowed the new system to get up and running without losing any days of sales

The throughput requirement was met – over 6000 totes per day are processed on the weekends


Photos of our solution

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