Doctors Foster & Smith

Specialized Picking Case Study

Business Objectives

  • Doctors Foster & Smith had a number of products which could not travel on the existing conveyor system due to their large size
  •  Incorporate a new area in the DC for vaccine order fulfillment
  • The new system needed to be installed while operations continued 6 days a week
  • New system had to be operating before the busy season
  • Disconnected material and information flows slowed down shipments to customers

Drs. Foster & Smith (DFS) Consolidates Big Bulky Products for Final Shipment

Doctors Foster & Smith is a provider of a wide variety of animal supplies and pet products for most all companion animals. They conduct sales via phone and web orders, shipping from their distribution center in Rhinelander, Wisconsin.

Doctors Foster & Smith wanted to incorporate a new area in the distribution center for vaccine order fulfillment wanted to accommodate products that were too large to travel on the existing conveyor system.

Doctors Foster & Smith Case Study

Key Technologies

  • Add a new last pick area including multiple pick zones, a vaccine pick area, recirculation loop, order consolidation area, and new pack area
  • The conveyor system is able to route totes to multiple pick zones to add items
  • The new system was connected to the existing system so that orders including vaccines or other last pick items could either be routed there from the main pick module or originate in the new area
  • The new system was connected to the existing outbound shipping sorter
  • Exacta warehouse control system working with control system for tote routing

See the results

The system was able to quickly meet design throughput upon startup

Bastian met the required schedule for completion before Doctors Foster & Smith’'s busy season

Doctors Foster and Smith was able to continue operating undisturbed while the new system was installed, tested, and started up

The large products were seamlessly integrated into the existing system


Photos of our solution

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