Gardner, Inc.

Automated Warehouse Case Study

Business Objectives

  • Gardner's primary objectives were to reduce operational costs and improve customer service. With a prior bad experience, Gardner wanted to be thorough and selective in choosing a provider. Gardner considered multiple warehouse management system (WMS) vendors and narrowed the search down to five contenders. After a lengthy evaluation process, Gardner ultimately selected the Exacta warehouse management system. Gardner uses CODIS as their host system and a key concern to the Gardner team up front was the ability to successfully integrate a WMS with CODIS. Having already created a successful interface to the CODIS system and experience working with the CODIS team, Bastian had a few advantages over the competition.

Bastian Solutions Helps Gardner Reduce Dock-to-Stock Time by 50%

Operations were performed using a paper-based system and relied on manual data entry after the fact to keep things accurate. “From a receiving side of life we were looking to streamline operational processes, get faster turn times, and get tighter inventory control management,” said Lovett.

*Video Note: ASAP Automation is now Bastian Software Solutions.


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Picked up days in dock to stock: Average turn time for receiving is now 24-48 hours. Prior to installing the Exacta warehouse management system, dock-to-stock time was on average 3-5 days.

Inventory control management: Inventory accuracy was 99% prior to the Exacta WMS, but it was a challenge to keep it at that level with so much manual entry. With Exacta, maintaining and even improving inventory accuracy is much easier.

Streamlined receiving process: With the new process and the faster dock to stock turn times, productivity in receiving has improved.


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