Hudson's Bay (

Robotic Order Fulfillment Case Study

Business Objectives

  • Decrease order cycle time
  • Increase order accuracy and throughput
  • Achieve faster order shipping times and reduce shipping costs
  • Improve inventory control, visibility, and security
Hudsons Bay

The Bay takes on E-Commerce Giants with State-of-the-Art Order Picking Fulfillment Center

North America's oldest retailer partnered with Bastian Solutions to develop an order fulfillment center capable of competing with Internet retail giants such as Amazon. The 750,000-square-foot facility holds the most advanced order fulfillment technology in Canada and has improved operations to give the retail giant a competitive advantage with online shopping.


Key Technologies

  • Largest Perfect Pick goods-to-person order picking system in the world at time of completion (16 Aisles)
    • 16 200'x40' (longest ever aisles of Perfect Pick)
    • 19 iBOTs/aisle
    • 69,000 totes + 250,000 cells = approx. 1.5M units of storage
  • 32 custom fabricated Perfect Pick Workstations designed by Bastian Solutions 
  • 50+ workstations with touch screen monitors
  • Exacta warehouse control system
  • Pick and Put to Light
  • RF guns for inbound inventory.
  • Automatic labeling machines for empty shipping carton license plate labels
  • 2 Robotic Document Inserters from Bastian Robotics
Perfect pick

Perfect Pick Goods-to-Person System


See the results

High system throughput: 16 aisles of Perfect Pick order picking allows orders to be processed in as little as 15 minutes

High system accuracy: picking allows for scanning of each item

Security: high-end items safely stored in OPEX Perfect Pick

Scalability: Perfect Pick aisles easily expand to accommodate growth


ZiPline Conveyor System


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