Goods-to-Person Picking Case Study

Business Objectives

  • Improve order cycle time and operator productivity
  • Increase order accuracy for better customer service
  • Achieve faster order shipping times and reduce shipping costs
  • Create better inventory control, visibility, and security

Newegg opens new facility to service Midwest customers

Newegg, one of the largest e-commerce electronics retailers in the U.S., opened a new, 400,000 square foot distribution center in Indianapolis, IN, to better support its growing Midwest customer base. The new system features Perfect Pick, a robotic, goods-to-person shuttle system; ZiPline low-profile conveyor; and a light-directed picking lane for fast moving SKUs.


Key Technologies

Goods to person picking system

Perfect Pick Goods-to-Person System


See the results

High system throughput--up to 18,000 orders per day during peak season; 6-8,000 orders per day on average

Reduced order cycle time to 20 minutes

High system accuracy--picking allows for scanning of each item

Low shipping cost--Packsize machine produces 200 different shipping containers for best cube

Security--high-end items safely stored in OPEX Perfect Pick

Scalability--easily expand Perfect Pick aisles to accommodate growth

Low-profile ecommerce conveyor

ZiPline Conveyor System


Newegg Case Study Resources

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Newegg case study video


Newegg Distribution Center Photos



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