Chelsea Milling

Multi-Line Robotic Palletizing System

Business Objectives

  • Fully automate the palletizing and distribution of full cases by installing multi-line palletizing with 10 inbound manufacturing lines
  • Preserve the economic health of employees through reduction of long-term operator injury resulting from hours of hand palletization 
  • Increase quality control capabilities
  • Provide Chelsea Milling with system flexibility for future growth

Robotic Palletizing & Shipping Orders in a "Jiffy" with Automated Distribution System

Bastian Solutions was selected by Chelsea Milling to provide and install a robotic palletizing system to support the distribution of their "Jiffy" Mixes product line. 


Key Technologies

  • Computer controlled 5-camera Cognex Vision System for product verification and quality control 
  • 2 Fanuc M-410 Palletizing Robots complete with pallet de-stacking and perimeter guarding 
  • Zero Pressure Accumulation Conveyor (Hytrol ABEZ), minimum pressure (Hytrol ACC) and Gapper Belt Conveyors
  • Chain Driven Live Roller Pallet Conveyor
  • Minimum pressure conveyor (Hytrol ACC)
  • Hytrol MRT bi-directional strand sorter
  • Gapper belt conveyor
Dual-Line Robotic Case Palletizing System

Multi-Line Robotic Palletizing System


See the results

  • The design goal of 55 cartons per minute was met, successfully positioning Chelsea Milling to meet future projected growth demands
  • The new system reduced the number of operators needed for each shift
  • The Cognex Vision System has increased the quality control and case inspecting capabilities
  • Overall, this state-of-the-art system helps Chelsea Milling meet the demand of their valued customers with greater accuracy, exceptional quality, and in a manner that protects their esteemed employees
Robotic End of Arm Tool

Case Palletizing End of Arm Tool


Photos of our solution

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