Replacement Equipment Case Study

Business Objectives

  • Hussmann wanted to replace their existing food display cooler assembly line with three sub-assembly lines that would converge onto a main line. 
  • The management team requested a constantly moving, paced assembly line utilizing enhanced automation and ergonomics.
  • The challenge to the Bastian Solutions team was  accommodating the large size, flimsy material strengths, and wide variety of product dimensions  and weights in the 1.5 Million sq. ft. facility. 

Hussmann Replaces Single Assembly Line with Three Sub-Assembly Lines

Since 1906, Hussmann has been inspiring solutions by helping retailers preserve and display fresh foods. Hussmann serves a wide variety of customers involved in the global cold chain. These include supermarkets, mass merchants, warehouse clubs, convenience stores, drug stores, and food service establishments.

Hussmann System Illustration

Key Technologies

  • Hytrol 26-CRPT Power-Rotated Turntable and 25-LREZ Heavy Duty Accumulating Conveyor.
  • Bastian Automation Engineering Base Tipper, Canopy Flipper, Dolly Transfer, and Canopy Gantry
  • Allen Bradley PLC and Parker CTC Human-Machine Interface (HMI)
  • Zimmerman Bridge Cranes
  • Ergonomic Partners and Zimmerman Manual operator Manipulators

See the results

Bastian’s solution produces 100 display cases in 9 hours, an improvement over the old system that processed 100 cases in 10 hours. 

The number of assembly operators required has been reduced from 110 to 75. 


Photos of our solution

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