Southern Wine & Spirits Shakopee, MN

Order Waving Case Study

Business Objectives

  • Expand operations to better serve a growing client base
  • Improve order accuracy for better customer service
  • Increase system efficiencies and order throughput
  • Gain better visibility of orders and inventory

Beverage distributor achieves 62% increase in daily shipments

Southern Wine & Spirits of America is the largest wine and spirits distributor in the United States with operations in 35 states. Southern Wine & Spirits turned to Bastian Solutions for the development of their newest distribution center in Shakopee, MN to improve picking operations and throughput.


Key Technologies

  • ExactaWCS: Warehouse Control System 
    • Order waving
    • Automated order routing
    • Exception handling
  • Voice directed picking devices in split case modules
  • High-speed merge
  • Hytrol Pro-Sort SC pivoting wheel sorter
  • Trailer loading conveyor

Conveyor merge POint


See the results

62% increase in orders shipped each day

Exacta software provides complete visibility of orders throughout the system

Increased system efficiency and order accuracy has improved customer service

Ideal warehouse facility through industrial project and development for expanding distribution


HMI Station


Photos of our solution

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