AAP St. Mary's

Automated Storage and Retreival Case Study

Business Objectives

  • AAP was searching for a method to streamline and synchronize the flow of wheels between various operations
  • AAP wanted to reduce employee turnover and associated training costs, and lessen the manual labor requirements for handling each wheel
  • Forklift traffic was dangerous and needed to be reduce or eliminated
  • Visibility of inventory and system capacity needed to be improved. Scheduling and inventory locators existed as hand-written notations on loose paper

Bastian Rolls Out a Labor Reducing Solution at APP St. Mary’s

AAP St. Mary's was founded in 1988. A division of Hitachi Metals, Ltd., they are a supplier for Honda, Ford, Subaru, Nissan, and Toyota. AAP produces wheels from 15" to 22" in diameter.

AAP St. Marys System Illustration

Key Technologies


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AAP St. Mary’s manual labor requirements were significantly decreased

Fork lift traffic was safely reduced

Inventory and quality control improved

The project’s success has greatly improved AAP’s ability to succeed in a very competitive industry

Bastian Solutions has been asked to partner with AAP on future growth phases


Photos of our solution

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