Johnson Controls

Automated Palletizing Case Study


  • Palletizing rate of over 22 batteries per minute
  • Palletizing system must be capable of handling about 30 different SKU's
  • Products range in size from 6" to 14" in length
  • Over 70 different pallet patterns with availability to easily program new ones
  • System is subjected to an extremely caustic environment and must withstand years of direct contact with hydrochloric (battery) acid

Reducing Operational Costs & Improving Ergonomic Conditions with a New Robotic Palletizing System

Johnson Controls has grown into a global leader in automotive, building efficiency, and power solutions. Johnson Controls provides batteries for automobiles and hybrid electric vehicles, along with systems engineering and service experience.

For their Middletown, Delaware facility, Johnson turned to Bastian to automate and improve their process of automotive battery handling. After analyzing the operation, Bastian recommended a robotic palletizing system as the most efficient and effective way to reduce operational costs and vastly improve ergonomic conditions.


Key Technologies

  • ABB's Foundry 2 Plus palletizing robot has the capability to stand up to the harsh environment, as well as the reach, payload, and speed to produce the results required
  • Bastian's proven Robotic End of Arm Tooling combined with a revolutionary row forming conveyor that acts as an auxiliary axis to the robot makes palletizing so many different batteries possible
  • ABB's auxiliary axis package also allows the robot to control the row forming conveyor and enabled us to handle so many different products
  • Pallet conveyor
  • Robotic controls
  • Vision system for product identification
Battery Palletizing End of Arm Tool

Battery Palletizing Robot and End of Arm Tool


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With the installation of this robotic palletizing system, Johnson Controls was able to eliminate the manual handling of batteries in their palletizing operation. This was the 8th battery palletizing system Bastian has created for this customer and this particular system achieved an ROI of less than a year while exceeding system throughput requirements.

Mounted Vision System

Vision system for product identification 


Photos of our solution

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