Robotic Palletizing Carousel Case Study

Business Objectives

  • Transport of finished goods (plastic bottle caps) from production to the warehouse in a centralized palletizing area
  • Automatically fill and palletize smaller cartons and transport large totes
  • Implement automatic labeling and inventory tracking
  • Reduce “Mix Ware,” or the shipping of incorrect product
  • Meet the system rate goal of 7.1 cartons per minute (cpm)
  • Reduce the number of operators needed (24 operators over 4 shifts)



Automated Injection Molding with AGV’s and Robotic Carousels

Rexam is a leading beverage products maker and one of the global leaders in rigid plastic packaging. They produce on average 55 billion beverage products each year in over 50 plants.

Rexam System Illustration

Key Technologies


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The team successfully delivered the first known robotic palletizing carousel AS/RS utilizing a standard robot and carousels

Savant AGVs were converted into a mid-level AGV with 4 independent, intelligent conveyor decks

The design was able to meet the system rate goal of 7.1 cpm’s, as well as reduce the number of operators needed per shift


Photos of our solution

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