Business Challenges

  • Build a new distribution center to meet growing peak season vaccination demands
  • Improve capacities to meet future design year throughput with plans for expansion
  • Provide more ergonomic packing area for order preparation
  • Improve product packaging and shipping methods to guarantee dry ice packed items arrive under FDA mandated temperature requirements

Sanofi-Aventis is one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. The new distribution center located in Scranton, PA meets all eastern US demands for their vaccination products. The company is developing leading positions in seven major therapeutic areas: cardiovascular disease, thrombosis, oncology, diabetes, central nervous system, internal medicine, and vaccines.


Key Technologies

  • Bastian motorized roller conveyor
  • Hytrol E-Z logic intelligent photo sensor zero pressure accumulation
  • Multi-lane saw tooth merge
  • High speed ProSort shoe sorter
  • Inline Mettler Toledo Scale and Metrologic scanner for manifesting
  • Dynamic sort lane allocation
  • Bastian PC-based controls and human machine interface
  • Dorell shrink tunnel packaging machines
  • Southworth ergonomic lift and rotate pallet tables


  • The new system met the capacity, ergonomic and product packaging goals set by Aventis
  • Bastian worked on upgrades for 2 additional Aventis facilities in Kansas City, MO and Reno, NV

Photos of our solution

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