Business Challenges

  • Previous manual synchronous system makes assembling kits with accurate vials and medical diagnostic devices difficult and time consuming.


Covance provides value-added design, distribution, operations and analysis for medical diagnostic testing. At the company’s distribution centers, kits are assembled with appropriate vials and related medical diagnostic devices and shipped out to customers. Where what once existed was a predominantly manual system, utilizing relatively unsophisticated material handling technologies. Bastian Solutions has created a state of the art, automated solution.


Key Technologies

  • Batch Pick To Light (PTL) Work Cells
  • Automated manifest
  • ExactaWMS: Warehouse Management System 
    • RF picking and put-away
    • Pack stations
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI)
  • High speed bowl feeders for the top five (5) velocity SKU’s
  • Two (2) deep catalogue horizontal carousel workstations with integrated Pick to Light (PTL) shelving locations


  • 2 Times increase line items per person hour
  • 100% quality control
  • Improved productivity through automation
  • Solution produced a robust process and audit record
  • Ability to grow with new business

Photos of our solution

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