Opex Perfect Pick Case Study

Business Objectives

  • Meet goal of same-day shipping versus two-day shipping
  • Increase picking to 250 items per person hour, while reducing overall labor requirements
  • Increase throughput with a smaller system footprint
  • Reduce the number of picking errors
  • Needed a way to effectively manage millions of small SKU lots

BHFO Automates Its Order Fulfillment Center

As the largest seller of retail and apparel on eBay, BHFO needed an order fulfillment system that could keep up with its growing number of daily auctions. Working with the Bastian Solutions team, the company chose Perfect Pick, an automated goods-to-person picking system to better utilize available storage space, increase throughput, and reduce picking errors.


Key Technologies


Perfect Pick Station


See the results

  • 97% of orders shipped within 24 hours
  • Improved picking error rate by 90%
  • Reached 320 items picked per person hour in first day of running
  • Currently fulfilling 5,000 eBay auctions per day with a goal of 8,000 by end of year while using one half the previous labor required
  • Inventory storage in a quarter of the space it previously required

Perfect Pick System


Photos of our solution

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