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West Coast Warehousing

Westcoast Warehousing is a third-party logistics provider offering warehousing, trucking, and storage solutions for retail companies throughout California and the west coast.

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Third Party Logistics Case Studies

Astra-CFX SC System


Astra-CFX provides supply chain solutions to manufacturers and needed a new system to support a client. A combination of a warehouse management system and material handling automation would best benefit the company's operation.

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Gardner System Illustration


Operations were performed using a paper-based system and relied on manual data entry after the fact to keep things accurate. “From a receiving side of life we were looking to streamline operational processes, get faster turn times, and get tighter inventory control management,” said Lovett.

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Houston Johnson System

Houston Johnson

Founded in 1987, Houston-Johnson provides logistic services to the largest automotive manufacturers and parts suppliers as a Tier 1 or Tier 2 supplier. These services include sequencing, modular assembly, kitting and rework operations with automotive suppliers and consumer products. With high labor costs, manual processes and low system visibility, HJI was looking for a change. HJI selected the Exacta Warehouse Management System from Bastian Solutions.

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Navarre System Illustration


Navarre Corporation is a distributor of PC software, video games and accessories, DVD Video, music based in Minneapolis, MN. Navarre's key focus is providing retailers and publishers with high-quality services for broad, efficient distribution, including vendor-managed inventory, Electronic Data Interchange services, fulfillment services, cross docking and assumed receipt as well as a variety of retailer-oriented marketing services.

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PDS System Illustration


Prime Distribution Services (PDS) consolidates case level orders for multiple independent food producers into full pallet shipments going to Wal-Mart and other large distribution centers.

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United States Postal Service

The Indianapolis General Mail Facility recently completed the commissioning of an extensive two floor tray handling system. Postal workers are very happy that they no longer have to handle these trays manually in carts and can now sort the trays in 30% less time.

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