United States Postal Service

Sortation Technology Case Study

Business Objectives

  • Complete project quickly so there is no delay in the delivery of mail
  • The weights of standard postal trays range from nearly empty to 75 lbs. The challenge is reading a label in a sleeve at 550 feet/minute and the shifting of mail inside the tray
  • The goal is to sort trays at a rate of 135 pieces per minute to 235 zip code ranges
  • The system needed to be able to sort nearly 150,000 mail trays or approximately 300 trucks 24 hours
  • Maximize the space in relatively small 160,000 sq. ft. building
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USPS saw a 30% decrease in handling time of trays

The Indianapolis General Mail Facility recently completed the commissioning of an extensive two floor tray handling system. Postal workers are very happy that they no longer have to handle these trays manually in carts and can now sort the trays in 30% less time.

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Key Technologies

  • Intelligrated Soft Touch One-Way Shoe Sorter
  • Accusort AV400 Camera Scanner paired with an Axiom line Scanner
  • 8 Induction Lanes accumulating at the Saw-Tooth Merge
  • Zero pressure Accumulation Conveyor
  • Anchor Enterprises Mezzanine
  • OCS Technologies Scales
  • Intelligrated Controls
  • Two pass sortation methodology to hit all 235 zip codes

See the results

The goal to sort trays at a rate of 135 pieces per minute was exceeded. The actual peak rates were 200 pieces per minute

Installation and successful testing was completed 2 weeks earlier than anticipated

Bastian Solutions was able to complete the installation safely and efficiently, without disrupting the 24/7 processing of mail


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