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Bastian Solutions is an independent system integrator dedicated to helping customers increase their productivity through proven automation, information systems and sound operating procedures. We provide turnkey solutions from design engineering and simulation all the way through installation and project management. We take great pride in providing exceptional service and flexibility to our customers.


Bastian Solutions' approach to material handling

As a systems integrator, Bastian Solutions seeks out leading technologies in both material handling equipment and information systems coupled with proven operational strategies. Our experts combine the powers of scalable material handling systems, innovative software and custom automation engineering for complete, unique solutions. Our goal is to use these tools to help companies, across a broad spectrum of industry segments, become leaders in their industries.  

Our history of solutions varies in complexity from simple, manual to highly automated systems such as mobile robots, automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS), automated guided vehicles (AGV), RFID, sortation, carousels and conveyor systems. Every solution Bastian Solutions proposes is considered on its own merits to provide tremendous productivity gains and a quick return on investment.

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Our Culture

At Bastian Solutions we both work hard and have fun. To the right are some pictures from some different events we have held over the past few years.  Some of the events include annual strategy meetings, Christmas parties, summer picnics and volunteer days.

History of Bastian Solutions

The 1950s - 1970s

Bastian-Stark Material Handling Corporation

Bastian was originally incorporated on October 31, 1952 by Elgan Stark, the father-in-law of Bill Bastian Sr. In the beginning, the primary lines of material handling equipment consisted of fairly conventional products such as casters, hand trucks, and carts.

The marketing motto was "If It Rolls - We Supply It." The business began to grow as a result of excellent customer service and hard work and, in 1962, Bill Bastian, Sr. purchased the company from Mr. Stark and became the new President.
The breadth of material handling equipment suppliers continued to grow including: conveyors, rack systems, and ergonomic lifts. This provided Bastian a wide spectrum of products to meet most customers’ material handling needs.

The company expanded its coverage to include the state of Kentucky by opening a satellite office in Louisville (1965), followed by the opening of a satellite office in Fort Wayne, Indiana (1969).

The 1980s

Bastian Engineers 1989

During the 1980s Bastian became more and more involved with material handling systems to control the flow of products in distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, and warehousing operations.
With the proliferation of microcomputers, Bastian began managing the information flow that accompanied the material flow. Toward the end of the 1980s, it became clear that well-designed material handling systems were a real strategic advantage for industrial companies to reduce labor and quickly get their products to market and provide better customer service.

In 1988 a third satellite office and warehouse was opened in Evansville, Indiana . Additionally, Bastian moved its corporate headquarters to a new office and warehouse facility on the north side of Indianapolis in December of 1989.

Bastian Celebrates 25th Anniversary

The 1990s

In January of 1992, Bill Bastian II purchased Bastian from Bill Bastian Sr. and became the new President of Bastian Material Handling. The company continued to grow throughout the 1990s, adding offices in Michigan and Missouri. In 1997, Bastian purchased ASAP Automation, a company that develops Supply Chain Execution Software.

In 1998, ASAP created a wholly-owned software development company in Bengaluru, India. ASAP Automation India Private Limited provides additional software development resources for ASAP Automation U.S. and integrates automated material handling systems into both the Indian and Asian Markets.

The 2000s

Bastian Building

Halo, LLC. was formed in 2001 to serve as a holding company for Bastian, ASAP Automation, and future acquisitions or start-ups. In 2003, Bastian purchased Hytrol of California and opened a satellite office in Los Angles, California to service the western United States.

Halo also formed Blue Arc Engineering in 2003, a company that specializes in manufacturing custom material handling equipment, under the Halo umbrella. Blue Arc Engineering provides custom engineering and fabrication of material handling equipment that is typically not mass manufactured. Bastian continued its growth with the purchase of VanPak in February of 2005. VanPak was renamed Bastian Robotics and was tasked with the goal to focus on solutions for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and consumer industries using advanced industrial robotics.

In January of 2007 Bastian established a new satellite office on the Eastern Coast of the United States. The next year, Bastian established a sales office in Toledo, Ohio. In April of 2009, Helen Wells Agency joined the Halo family. The Helen Wells Agency focuses on providing talent for printed and web based media. Also in 2009, Bastian Robotics opened a satellite office in Minnesota .

2011 & Beyond

In 2010, Bastian Canada was formed and a satellite office was opened in Toronto, Canada . Additionally in 2010, Bastian Saudi Arabia was created and a satellite office in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia was established to serve our customers in the middle east. In May of 2010, Bastian opened its third satellite office of the year, located in Atlanta, Georgia

In 2011, Bastian was fortunate to have another great year of expansion. In February, the company officially opened a new office headquartered in Sao Paulo, Brazil, to better service customers in the Latin and South American markets. In the same month, Bastian Australia was formed in Sydney, Australia, to provide local support to Bastian’s Australian and Asian Pacific customers.

Bastian has continued to enhance its products and services in the 21st century. These include; conceptual design and engineering, 3-dimensional CAD layouts, simulation, animations, detailed equipment specifications, RFID integration, warehouse control system (WCS), industrial control systems, warehouse management system (WMS), project management, installation, after-sale support, and long term operational support.

Today, Bastian continues to provide the finest material handling equipment and integrated systems expertise to companies throughout the world.