Southern Wine & Spirits — Wilsonville, OR

Business Objectives

  • Improve order accuracy for better customer service
  • Increase system efficiencies and order throughput
  • Gain better visibility of orders and inventory
  • Reduce employee overtime

38% increase in cartons sorted per day

Southern Wine & Spirits of America is the largest wine and spirits distributor in the U.S. with operations in 36 states. At the company's newly purchased distribution center in Wilsonville, OR, a new conveyor system, pick modules, and software help the company better service customers and improve employee engagement.


Key Technologies

  • Exacta 6.0 Warehouse Control System
  • Order waving
  • Automated order routing
  • Exception handling
  • Manhattan Warehouse Management System 
  • Voice directed picking devices in split case pick modules
  • RF picking in bottle room and full case pick module
  • Hytrol Conveyor -- E24™, RBI, ABEZ, etc.
  • Hytrol ProSort SC sorter
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI) master control station
  • Pallet and carton flow rack
  • Zebra label printers
SWS Oregon system

Southern Wine & Spirits Oregon System



  • 38% increase in cartons sorted per day
  • Accuracy rates above 99.5%
  • Significant reduction in product breakage
  • Improved customer delivery times
  • Reduced overtime and better employee engagement


“Within 3 months, we were meeting our goals of 1,200 cartons sorted per hour, and then within 6 months, we were hitting upwards toward 1,600 cartons per hour.” - Josh Heinrich, Night Shift Manager, SWS Oregon

SWS Oregon sorters

Hytrol ProSort Solution


Photos of our solution

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