Omni Channel Distribution & Fulfillment

Omni Channel Strategy Requires a Holistic Approach

Adopting an omni channel distribution strategy means more than simply selecting the right technologies. You need to have a solid understanding of your business metrics, good data on your distribution processes and the ability to use all that data when designing an efficient omni channel fulfillment method. Omni channel distribution requires the right mix of planning, software, and equipment.

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Order Fulfillment

In today's changing markets, understanding opportunities is critical when selecting the right technology for order fulfillment improvement. When choosing order fulfillment technology strategically, some of the benefits consist of reducing labor costs with improvements in service levels, higher throughput and scalability. If you're seeking opportunities to improve order accuracy, ramp up productivity or revamp customer satisfaction, our experts can provide a number of solutions tailored to your warehouse.

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Order fulfillment

Meet order fulfillment demands with the right technology


Goods-to-Person Technology

Goods-to-Person is a modern method of order fulfillment that involved moving product directly to the operator. Once product arrives, the operator can then pick what is needed to fulfill orders based on information provided by a WMS solution. Goods-to-Person technology helps to increase efficiency and accuracy of the order picking process.

  • Best solution for ergonomic picking
  • Easily scalable
  • Efficient use of warehouse space with smaller footprint


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Servus Goods-to-Person

Increase throughput with Goods-to-Person technology 


Consulting Studies

To build an effective omni channel fulfillment center, you must first gather and analyze your data from order cycle times and profiles to inventory tracking and outbound packaging. If you do not have this information, you will need to gather and once it is available, use it to build the best omni channel fulfillment strategy. Our consultants use engineering studies to provide customers with a customized roadmap for improving operations and achieving business goals.

  • Creation of a manageable, phased action plan tailored to your business requirements and goals
  • Selection of the proper solution based on data-driven analysis and business objectives
  • Guaranteed improvement in system and labor efficiency


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Consulting Study

Data Driven Solutions with Consulting Studies


Exacta Warehouse Management System

A warehouse management system or WMS is a software platform that helps improve operational processes and track the storage and processing of inventory. By implementing a warehouse management system, omni channel distribution is much more efficient because you have complete inventory visibility whether you’re fulfilling direct-to-customer orders, full pallets for your retail stores or drop shipments.

  • Increase in productivity and efficiency without adding labor
  • Increase in inventory control and accuracy
  • Increase capability to meet future business requirements


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Omni-Channel WMS

Improve operational processes with WMS


Pallet Runner solution

The Pallet Runner® is a semi-automated deep lane storage system, typically used for applications with minimal SKUs and high throughput. It is an effective solutions for quickly and accurately filling full pallet orders for your retail stores.

  • Opimization of Storing, loading and retrieving
  • Optimization of space
  • Perfect integration with the various logics: case picking - 80/20 - LIFO/FIFO
  • Efficient organization of the warehouse


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Pallet Runner cart

Increase throughput with Pallet Runner


Voice-Directed Picking

Voice picking is a paperless order picking solution designed for environments in which a large number of SKUs exist and require a low number of reaches per unit. Voice-directed picking is an effective tool for omni channel operations, and above all, is easy to learn.

  • 99.5%+ picking accuracy levels
  • Easy to expand by simply adding terminals/mobile devices and headsets
  • Training time often less than 30 minutes


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Voice Picking

Increase picking accuracy with pick to voice

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