Goods-to-Person Order Fulfillment

Modernizing order fulfillment

Goods-to-Person is a modern method of order fulfillment.  The product is moved directly to the operator, who can then pick what is needed to fulfill orders.  It allows for an increase in efficiency and accuracy of the picking process.

  1. Ideal for ergonomic picking
  2. Easily scalable
  3. Produces a smaller footprint and uses less space
Servus Goods-to-Person

Featured Goods-to-Person Technology

Autostore Solution


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Perfect Pick Solution

Perfect Pick

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Knapp OSR Shuttle

Knapp OSR Shuttle

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Muratec Uni-SHUTTLE HP

Muratec Uni-SHUTTLE

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Duosys High-Speed AS/RS

Duosys Mini-load AS/RS

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Muratec FX-Quad Mini-Load AS/RS

Muratec FX-Quad

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