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Bastian offers two types of automated palletizing. The first type, robotic palletizing, is becoming more popular and more affordable. Likewise traditional, or conventional, palletizers are also widely used including: bag palletizers, case palletizers, and gantry crane palletizers.

Bastian's engineers are experts in automating palletizing operations through both robotic and conventional palletizer systems.

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How palletizers work

Both conventional palletizers and robotic palletizers are used to automated the pallet building (palletizing) process in a warehouse, distribution, or manufacturing facility. Depending upon the palletizer many different technologies could be employed to help you make the perfect pallet. Pallets can be built using everything from plastic belt conveyors with rollers that skew the product into place to customized end of arm tools for robots. Additionally, new technologies are emerging to help you build pallets full of mixed cases or products such as bastian's robotic ASRS and mobile robots.

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