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20 Awesome Gifts to Get an Engineer for 2016

Back by popular demand, we're pleased to bring you our top 20 Awesome Gifts to Get an Engineer for 2016. This helpful list was carefully handpicked by our team of engineers for engineers of all ages. While the list is typically dominated with the latest and greatest in technology, you will also find a few more traditional gifts as well. If you have an engineer in your life, take a look through this list for some great gift ideas. Happy shopping!

Practical Gifts for an Engineer

  Anker PowerCore 20100 - Ultra High Capacity Power Bank Make sure your favorite engineer doesn't get stuck somewhere without a charge by gifting this long-lasting power bank. Get up to 8+ charges before needing to recharge it again. > Buy the Powercore 20100
Raspberry Pi 3 Complete Starter Kit This pocket sized computer is perfect for the DIY engineer in your life. Due to it's low price and small size it has grown a large following of DIY experts looking to build their own cool electronic projects. > Buy the Raspberry Pi 3 Complete Starter Kit
Laser Tape Measure These are very useful for covering long distances and getting ceiling clear heights, which can’t be done with a traditional tape measure. Choose from a variety of distance options to fit your needs. > Buy the laser tape measure
Laser Level Engineers often need to measure something in the field, and these tools make reaching hard places a cinch. From items high above in an industrial warehouse or plant (conveyor, rack, etc.), or hanging the latest round of family pictures, no time is lost with this cool level. > Buy the laser level
Multi-functional Combination Tool, 20-in-1 This tool is perfect for fixing on the go, and it's not just for engineers. If you would rather not carry around an entire toolbox for that one time you actually need a screwdriver, this 20-1 toolkit will help you get out of any jam. > Buy the Multi-functional Combination tool
Secrid Wallet For the engineers who have trouble organizing their wallet and finding the right card at the right time. This "secret" wallet is fashionable yet practical and can keep anyone organized.
> Buy the Secrid Wallet

Gifts for an Engineer You Really Care About

  Tesla Model III We have all seen the clique car with a giant ribbon and bow. Skip that this year and get your engineer a preorder for Tesla’s most anticipated car. For $1000 you can reserve your wait in line. Complete with 215 miles of charge, zero to 60 in under 6 seconds and Autopilot Technology - this is an engineer’s dream. > Pre-order the Tesla Model III
BMW i8 This all-electric car is packed with awesome hi-tech features, from the TwinPower Turbo engine for a true BMW feel to the ability to re-purpose its own energy while driving. This car is sure to excite the most avid car fan. > Buy the BMW i8
A Huge “Ultrawide” 21:9 monitor This monitor comes with 5 million pixels of information and a great aspect ratio for true viewing of side-by-side windows to maximize your productivity. You’ll never lose interest in the Quad High Definition screen with highly accurate color reproduction. > Buy the Monitor
Drone These drones have become increasingly popular because of their greater payload compared to typical RC helicopters. Many companies are mounting cameras to these drones to offer a first-person view while flying. Be sure to check out less expensive options to fit your needs. > Buy the high-priced drone   > Buy the low-priced drone
VR Headset VR is becoming increasingly popular in 2016. The HTC Vive allows the player to walk and move around in a world where the VR leader Oculus Rift is more commonly used while sitting. If you're just interested in seeing what the hype is about make sure to check out the cheaper options like Samsung Gear VR. > Buy the high-priced headset   > Buy the low-priced headset
3D Printer Engineers love to design and generally have access to CAD modeling software. Using a 3D printer, they can bring their designs to life. Engineers are also known to break things on occasion. What better gift for an engineer than something that allows them to make a replacement part (or a better designed part) to ease their troubles?
> Get a 3D Printer

Fun Gifts for an Engineer

  3D Pen Don't want to splurge on a full 3D printer? Try a 3D pen instead! Unleash your engineer's creativity by building amazing sculptures using only a pen.
> Buy the 3D Pen
NES Classic Edition The NES Classic Edition packs everything we loved about the iconic 1985 video game system into one convenient package. With 30 of the best retro games the console had to offer, this gift is sure to delight the nostalgic gamer in your life. > Purchase the NES Classic
DIY Home Brewing Craft Beer Kit Engineers can quench their thirst while having fun making their own beers with this starter Homebrew kit. Brewing is a satisfying hobby that has a great and rapidly growing community.
> Buy the DIY Home Brewing Craft Beer Kit
Fascinations Metal Earth Batman 1989 Batmobile If assembling a Batmobile is your engineer's dream, this gift will surely bring a smile! These awesome kits from Fascinations excite the builder in us all. Be sure to check out all their models from Iron Man to T-Rex.
> Buy the Batmobile
Useless Box Useless? Probably. Entertaining? Definitely. First build, then enjoy. Keep this on a desk to entertain, or annoy, coworkers!
> Buy the Useless box
Legos You're never too old for legos, especially Star Wars! You can't go wrong with any kit, but choose your side wisely. Will you be part of the rebellion or the empire?
> Buy the Legos
Math Mug Brighten the day for anyone of logical thought with this thoughtful mug that speaks the language of the heart and mind. The design reads "All you need is love" and displays combined graphs to spell the word "love." Find these on Etsy for $12.95. > Get the mug
Tesla Patent Prints Do you know someone waiting for their pre-ordered Tesla III or they're just a fan of Tesla in general? Spruce up the look of their office with Tesla patent designs printed to last with high-quality archival ink and paper. Choose the perfect size and color starting at $30.57. > Buy the prints  

Author: Brandon Trammell


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