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5 Pieces to the Installation Puzzle


Material handling system installation is a vital component to completing a customer’s project. It needs to run smoothly to ensure project timelines and goals are met.

If not properly planned, the installation of a material handling system can quickly become delayed and over budget, resulting in a poor installation that costs both the customer and the installation team valuable time and money.  To avoid this situation, below are five pieces of advice to ensure a successful material handling system installation.

Proper Drawings

An argument could be made that having the proper drawings is the most important piece to the puzzle for a successful installation.  When drawings are done properly and show enough detail, without going over board, it allows an installer to quickly understand what needs to be done and the best way to accomplish the task.  Bad drawings can quickly turn a simple project into a project full of rework.


A well thought out and reasonable schedule allows for the installation crews to perform an uninterrupted installation.  Attempting to begin equipment installation before the site is ready can lead to confusion, delays, and damaged equipment.  When other contractors (i.e. building electrical, painters, etc.) have to work around the installed equipment, their production slows and the likelihood of damage to the equipment increases.  In the end, it costs time and money to fix these damages.

Matched Equipment Sections

Matched and marked equipment sections are key to achieving a good production rate.  Without marked equipment, labor has to be reallocated from the installation to sort through equipment and determine what goes where.  This can drastically slow down production, delaying the whole project.

Experienced Installers

An experienced crew provides a quicker installation and reduces rework.  Less handholding during the installation allows for the crew leaders to remain a couple steps ahead of the crew, ensuring they have the material and equipment needed to maintain a good installation pace and follow good installation practices.


Communication with the end user and engineering is the most important piece to the puzzle for a successful installation.  Proper communication ensures the equipment is installed per the customer’s expectations, in a progression conducive to the overall project, and is completed in the expected time frame.  Lack of communication at any phase of the project can have a negative ripple effect throughout the whole project, leading to unnecessary animosity between the two parties. Over the past 65 years, Bastian Solutions has successfully implemented thousands of material handling projects including conveyor systems, robotic cells, pallet racking, and goods to person technologies.  Please do not hesitate to contact us for any of your installation needs.

Author: Tim Maynard


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