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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: Benefits of 3D renderings and simulations

A key component in our sales process is the creation of 3D renderings and simulations. With advanced modeling and software tools, Bastian Robotics can bring 2-D drawings to life with highly accurate renderings and illustrations.

3D Renderings

A simple rendering can alleviate many potential concerns. For instance, the amount of floor space available is often a concern whenever any new equipment is proposed. A system rendering is a powerful visual tool that lets you see exactly how a projected solution will fit within your constraints. Additionally, if there are multiple variations of the layout, 3D renderings allow for easy comparison between options to see which option is best suited for your application. Moreover, a rendering helps promote ease of understanding. Your engineers and process operators are the people most familiar with how your operation works, and a rendering or illustration allows them to visually identify any potential problems or areas of concern before the system is actually built. A 3D rendering also allows those who might not be as familiar with 2D CAD drawings to easily visualize what the system will look like.
Robotic palletizing system Robotic machine tending system
Robotic Palletizing System Rendering Robotic Machine Tending System Rendering

System Simulations

When requested, we can also perform system simulations. Testing different run-time scenarios with actual robots is always an option, but with simulations you can get similar results in a shorter time frame and with a smaller investment. Robotic simulations performed with software tools from ABB, Fanuc, Demo3D, and others are a great way to reduce cost and errors for robotic systems. Simulations are performed on a PC with exact robot parameters built in as well as other cell components, so testing emulates real-world conditions. This allows robot programs to be prepared in advance or in parallel. It increases profitability by letting you accomplish training, programming, optimization, and troubleshooting without disturbing production. Similar to renderings, simulations are a great way to visualize a proposed process. Our simulations can precisely portray the actual motion and cycle time of the system’s working process with accurate animation. Simulations also aid in design feasibility research, allowing engineers to resolve issues such as model selection, reachability, collision avoidance, and cycle time. Additional benefits of simulations include:
  • Shorter lead time
  • Early risk avoidance
  • Quicker change-over
  • Higher efficiency
  • Aids in contingency planning
  • Simulation software provides a wide range of standard components of a robotic system
  • Simulation software can import models from all major CAD software
Click the video link below to learn more about the benefits of simulations:

Author: Joe Campbell


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