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Anatomy of a Pneumatic Lift


Pneumatic lift elevators can be an economical solution for transferring products between elevations in your material handling system.

Within a complex material handling system, product may need to be transferred between elevations. The most commonly used piece of equipment for this elevation transfer is an elevator lift. For light duty applications such as totes and boxes, a pneumatic lift elevator is a very economical solution. A pneumatically actuated lift elevator is much less expensive when compared to other styles of lift elevators due to the minimal power transmission componentry required. Another key factor to consider for a lift elevator is the length of travel. For short travel distances, a pneumatic lift is very inexpensive. For longer distances (8+ feet), an alternate style should be considered. This is partially due to the fact that the overall height of the elevator will be more than double the length of travel, and at that length, a pneumatic cylinder would be highly customized. A pneumatic lift elevator uses a pneumatic cylinder to move product between elevations. The three major components of a pneumatic lift elevator are the frame, conveyor carriage and the machine guarding. The frame provides the basic structural integrity and guidance track for the carriage. The carriage typically features a conveyor and provides the method of transport from one elevation to another. The machine guarding eliminates pinch points and provides a safe barrier around the equipment. Below are some general specifications on the pneumatic lift elevator shown in the video.
  • Product handled:
    • Plastic Tote
    • Weight: 70lbs
    • Height: 9”
    • Length: 15”
    • Width: 22”
  • Rate: 4 totes/minPneumatic lift rendering
  • In-feed Elevation: 46”
  • Out-feed Elevation: 115”
  • (1) 3.25” Bore pneumatic cylinder
  • (2) Photo eye sensors for product detection
  • (2) Inductive proximity sensors for carriage height detection
  • Safety: Sheet metal and expanded metal guarding around perimeter
For light duty applications a pneumatic system proves to be very economical as many of the typical power transmission components are not required. Budgetary Price:
  • 1st Unit: $29,000
  • 2-5 Units: $19,000
  • 6-10 Units: $13,000
  • 10+ Units: $11,000
For more information about this product or to receive a quote, please contact: or call (317) 467-2583

Author: Bill Bastian II


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