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Bastian Introduces Animated Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs)

animated-hmi-1Our industry-leading HMIs have made yet another leap forward. Their intuitive 3-D rendered view screens now have the addition of animated product. The animations not only depict flowing product, but also are representative of the actual product located at those positions. This actual representation allows for real-time identification of the product and the ability to query for additional, related information. For example, as a pallet moves across the screen (depicted in the same location as it actually is on the conveyor system), the user can simply click on the pallet to retrieve the pallet ID and any additional information (order number, customer number, etc.). Animation is accomplished by identifying the product (bar code scanners, camera systems) and then tracking the ID through the system with the use of photo eyes and other sensors. When a query is requested, the ID is passed back to the database to retrieve the other related information for display to the user. The 3-D graphical views of our HMIs provide easy to use visual maps of the facility with real-time feedback and diagnostics on the health of your system to ensure maximum operational performance. The real-to-life renderings, perspective views, and intuitive interface allow for even the newest operators to interact with the system like an expert. The Exacta Human Machine Interface (HMI) can shut down idle equipment when not in use and can also monitor the energy consumption of the controls in your system. Real-time visibility with IP cameras and networked DVRs, remote web viewing, planned maintenance, integration of system drawings, proactive alerts on alarms and operational issues, logging of statistics, maintenance instructions with videos, and now the addition of animated product tracking, all in a non-proprietary open-source Windows-based solution… Control Your Warehouse. Control Your World. For more information on Animated HMI's please click here.


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