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5 Advantages of a Cobot from Universal Robots



Do you want to automate a process in your facility but don’t want to break the bank? If so, then the collaborative robot, or cobot, may be the perfect solution for you. These robots provide an alternative to conventional robot automation without all the hassle. Below are 5 advantages of the collaborative robot from Universal Robots (UR) and why you should consider it for your facility.

1) Easy Programming

Operators require no robot programming experience to set up and create fully functioning tasks, and it only takes a matter of minutes. Given the intuitive programming using the float button on the back of the teach pendant or the arrow keys on the display, all that is required is to move the robot arm and set the waypoint desired.

2) Easy Set Up

Worried that it may take weeks or months to implement and troubleshoot the robot? UR’s collaborative robot has taken the typical robot set up process and condensed it to a couple of hours. An untrained operator has the ability to unbox, mount, and set up the first program in less than an hour.

3) Flexibility

Typical robots are limited to their designated cells. The cobot’s lightweight design allows it to be moved between multiple applications without hassle. Simply pick up and mount the cobot in a new position, and you can automate almost any manual operation.

4) Collaborative

Ergonomics in the workplace have become a focal point in operations. The cobot can work right alongside operators with no safety fencing. This helps eliminate the dull and repetitive jobs that can cause strain on workers. Built-in sensors shut off the robot the moment it encounters a foreign object.

5) Cost

The total price tag for a collaborative robot is significantly less than that of a typical industrial robot. While a typical robot cell can cost $100,000 or more, not including programming and maintenance, the collaborative robot comes in at roughly $40,000. If in the future your plant layout changes or you get a new product line, it will not cost you a fortune to implement the cobot in your new plans.

The collaborative robot is the future of robotic automation. With more emphasis on cutting cost and increasing production, these machines are a no-brainer when considering a robot for your facility. Contact us to find out more about how collaborative robots could help in your facility.

Author: Johan Källvik


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