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Blue Arc Engineering debuts state-of-the-art ZiPline Conveyor

Blue Arc Engineering is proud to announce the next generation of zero pressure belt accumulating conveyor. This brand new, low profile conveyor utilizes a 24 VDC brushless drive motor, which makes for a very energy efficient conveyor. The conveyor consists of a series of belted zones that interact with one another to accomplish zero pressure accumulation. •40% energy reduction over a standard conveyor •Conveys very small (3" width x 4" length) to very large products simultaneously •Low profile 4" vertical aluminum extruded side channels •Extremely quiet operations, less than 58 db •Product jams and side by side products are eliminated with a premium belt surface •Exceptionally reliable and rated for over 10 years MTBF •Accumulation up inclines and down declines Read More about the ZipLine Conveyer View the Blue Arc Engineering ZiPline Conveyor webinar

Author: DJ Howard


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