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BMH Rolls Out a Labor Reducing Solution at AAP St Mary’s


AAP St Mary’s, a supplier for Ford, Honda, Subaru, and Nissan, was searching for a method to streamline and synchronize the flow of wheels between various operations. They wanted to reduce employee turnover and associated training costs and lessen the manual labor requirements for handling each wheel. They also wanted to improve visibility of inventory and system capacity. BMH’s solution provided them with the following: 15 aisles of Daifuku AS/RS buffers providing about 15,000 storage locations for WIP wheels, controls systems, and inventory systems 3700 feet of chain driven 24v Motorized Drive Roller Bastian Controls Warehouse Control System ASAP Automation’s Warehouse Management System and AS/RS Controller Cognex/Integro vision systems BlueArc Engineering custom lifts With the new system in place, AAP St Mary's manual labor requirements were significantly decreased and inventory and quality control improved. BMH is pleased to have been asked to partner with AAP on future projects as well. Click here to see the case study and webcast.

Author: Robin Kochis


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