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Can You Cut the Size of Your Warehouse in Half?

Robotic Palletizing ArmWe’re working on a robotic work cell for a customer right now that has sparked interest from everyone who’s seen it, so I thought I would spread the word. Our client ships bags of products worldwide, so various languages and marking schemes are needed to satisfy regulations in destination countries.  Currently they must warehouse pallets of product with all these variations.  Of course, orders are received for quantities greater or less than the quantity on hand causing upsets in production scheduling and delays in filling orders.  Because very few SKU’s are warehoused, if products could be bagged in plain bags and specific labels placed on bags to meet order requirements the amount warehoused could be greatly reduced and work in progress (WIP) would become easier to manage.  Robotic automation is used to de-palletize bags and send them into a processing system.  This system automatically cleans, prepares, labels, and even inspects the finished products before the same robot re-palletizes bags.  Unitized loads are stretch wrapped and shipped via truck, rail, or ships to locations around the world. Required warehouse space is reduced by over half.  WIP is much easier to manage as only one run of each SKU is needed per week.  Order fulfillment can be up to 4 times faster than before.  This is a pharmaceutical product, so regulatory and traceability requirements are stricter than most.  If you feel you may have a product mix that can benefit from such a system, contact us at and let us help determine if this type of automation might help your company's profitability.

Author: Margie Schramke


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