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Engineering Consulting Studies: A Road Map to Success

Engineering Consulting Studies: A Road Map to SuccessAthletes train tirelessly to master their chosen skill.  Countless hours are dedicated to perfect each movement, lower reaction time, and increase strength.  The same can be said for professionals and laborers alike.  Each group either does or can benefit from dedicated, focused instruction.  Whether it is a coach, a professor, or a mentor, these individuals provide guidance to ensure correct implementation of vital tasks. Just as these leaders can help individuals increase their performance, an engineering consulting study performed by a dedicated, experienced engineer can provide a road map to success by providing three key deliverables:
  1. Phased Approach to Goal Realization
  2. Program Specific to Your Business Objectives
  3. Proposal and Implementation Guidance

Phased Approach to Goal Realization

It can be difficult for operations or engineering managers to address all areas of their respective facilities that need to be corrected or updated.  It can be overwhelming to look at the big picture and attempt to create an action plan that moves the facility forward through smaller projects.  An engineering study can remove that anxiety from the supervisor by creating a much more manageable action plan comprised of phases that ultimately culminate in goal realization.

Program Specific to Your Business Objectives

No two operations are the same.  Each industry and work crew has their own unique challenges.  Engineering studies take not only proven methods of measurement to construct a workable program, but also take into consideration business unit objectives that are difficult to quantify, such as workforce morale, safety, and continuous improvement.  The delivered result is truly a one-of-a-kind program for your facility or operation.

Proposal and Implementation Guidance

What good is instruction and focused practice if no one is there to assist in implementation and selection?  This is the more tangible deliverable of an engineering study that comes in the form of equipment selection, drawings, and vendor selection.  Engineers that specialize in this service have the benefit of experience when making specific selections of equipment, suppliers, and the budgetary numbers that accompany those choices.  These professionals offer a more robust knowledge of phased project management that can be a valuable asset to both engineering and operations managers. Whether you are trying to hit more home runs or maximize the efficiency of your distribution or manufacturing facility, dedicated and experienced professionals can increase the likelihood of success.  By utilizing a phased approach to prioritization, constructing a tailored program specific to your application, and offering support through the proposal and implementation phases, an engineering study can offer you a leg up on your competition. Has your company participated in an engineering consulting study? If so, how was it beneficial?

Author: Derek Cribley

I have been with Bastian for 20 years. I originally served as a Project Manager and Design Engineer, before being promoted to Manager of the Systems and Controls groups and eventually to my current role, Director of Advanced Technology. I enjoy the fast-paced projects we get involved with and solving our customer's problems with solutions customized to their operations. I am proud of our employees and their dedication to make every project successful for our customers.


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