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Flushing Out Plastic Chain Conveyor


Plastic chain conveyor is a versatile option, good for handling even the most unique of products.

[caption id="attachment_11502" align="aligncenter" width="750"]Plastic chain conveyor at pharmaceutical DC It's fun to think about all the ways in which plastic chain conveyor could deliver products in your home, but no matter how it's used, the product is a versatile option for your conveying needs.[/caption] As I am watching a product demonstration on plastic chain conveyor, the gentleman next to me turns towards me and states, “I need this conveyor in my house to deliver toilet paper for when I run out.” We both laughed and then continued watching the demonstration. Now that I look back upon it, he was on to something. Plastic chain conveyor would be a great conveyor to handle toilet paper. It could convey the toilet paper standing straight up or on its side, the plastic material would hold up well to any dust created by the toilet paper, and the toilet paper could accumulate on the conveyor without crushing the roll due to minimal back pressure. Toilet paper roll I then began to think through the details of how the toilet paper would be delivered. How would I get the toilet paper from the first floor closet to the second floor bathroom? Fortunately, there are a few different options to accomplish this with plastic chain conveyor. However, the reliability of a spiral and the small footprint of a plastic chain spiral would probably make it the best option for delivering the toilet paper upstairs. A plastic chain spiral can be as small as 3 feet in diameter (depending on the product and chain width); therefore, taking up less space in my house. Plastic chain spirals are also a very convenient way to move product to different elevations or create a buffer in areas with limited real-estate. Now that I have figured out the toilet paper, where else could I use this type of conveyor? It would be convenient to have food and drink delivered to me while watching movies and football on TV. Plastic chain conveyor is rigid enough to hold up to rough environments but is also very flexible. Therefore, it is great option for handling bottles. Plastic Chain Conveyor RenderingAs with the toilet paper, you could accumulate on the conveyor without crushing bottles and the side-to-side conveyor transfers allow for smooth transferring of bottles from one conveyor to another. Since I would be conveying food as well, the conveyor could get wet and may require cleaning. Luckily, plastic chain conveyor can be purchased with stainless steel frames allowing for easy wash down and use in sanitary environments. Another scenario where it would be handy to have a plastic chain conveyor in my house would be for those do-it-yourself projects. I always seem to forget a tool or two and end up making multiple trips back to my garage to get the forgotten tools. Having these tools delivered to a more convenient location would drastically improve the amount of time spent on these projects. For this situation, I could use pucks or pallets to convey the tools. Pucks and pallets are great for situations when you may need to convey an odd-shaped product that does not convey very easily. These pucks and pallets could also be used to convey my wife’s cosmetics and hair products, which seem to come in random container configurations. I think it is safe to say at some point in time plastic chain conveyor has been used or could be used to manufacture a majority of the products found on shelves at a supermarket. The flexibility of how this conveyor can be applied to help manufacturers increase productivity and improve ergonomics throughout their facility, while controlling costs, is vast. With so many options, selecting the proper conveyor for your process can be difficult. Please do not hesitate to reach out to Bastian Solutions for assistance with conveyor selection and layout.


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