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Halloween Tips and Tricks for Improving Your Supply Chain

Below are some helpful tips from some of your favorite ghosts and goblins!  Happy Halloween everyone!
Pick to Light / Light Picking Technologies

Pick to Light:

Young Frankenstein might have been scared of it, but you shouldn't be. Pick to light is a great way to improve your picking processes.
Attaining Stretch Goals

Stretch Goals:

Don't settle for reaching small, easily attainable goals. Really stretch yourself to achieve the most challenging of goals.
Industrial Bulk Storage

Bulk Storage:

If it was good enough for Dracula, why not you! Bulk storage is a great, easy way to economically store large quantities of SKUs.
Opportunity Charging

Opportunity Charging:

A good jolt can bring anyone or anything to life! Take advantage of opportunity charging for all your equipment batteries. When you avoid a complete discharge of the battery, cycle life will typically increase.
Pick to Voice / Voicing Picking Technologies

Pick to Voice:

Don't get angry, switch to a voice picking technology! Pick to voice technology is quick and easy to learn.  It can also increases picking accuracy to around 99.5 percent!
Dealing with a New Project Manager

New Project Manager:

Trouble brewing with your new project manager? Keep some leftover Halloween candy in your desk to offer to them when things aren't going as scheduled.
Workplace Safety Training

Safety Training:

It's never a good day when there's an accident in the workplace! Always place caution or warning signs near large obstacles.
Outbound Consulting in Distribution

Outbound Consulting:

Want to improve your distribution process? Consult a local wizard. If he can get Dorothy home with a click of the heels, just think how fast he could get your products to your customers!
Importance of Calling on Past Dues

Calling on Past Dues:

You don't have to be mean about it, but there's no harm in asking for what's yours--whether it's candy or money!
Stretch Wrapping 101

Stretch Wrapping 101:

Good stretch wrapping is key to keeping it all together! It also provides protection from the elements and is very cost efficient!

Author: Karen Patterson


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