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How Wire Shelving Increases Facility Safety and Versatility

Wire shelving on pallet rack There are two key underlying fundamentals that all successful warehousing, distribution, and manufacturing facilities have – safety and versatility. Safety should be of utmost importance in every facility, and the companies that are successful in implementing safe practices create the foundation for an ergonomic, friendly workplace. A great workplace environment leads to great results. Successful companies also have the foresight to plan for their business needs years in advance. In order to get the most bang for their buck, these companies need versatile solutions that can easily adapt to their growth. Implementing wire shelving has many advantages that meet both of these fundamentals.

Wire Shelving Safety

Fire Protection

Wire shelving is made of vertical rods or beams that support shelves of wire decking. This wire decking has gaps that allow air and liquids to easily flow through it. This characteristic is very advantageous when it comes to fire prevention and suppression. In case of fire, the sprinkler system’s effectiveness is increased as the water can pass through the shelves reaching all of the stored goods.

Product Visibility

Not only is wire shelving a good solution for fire safety, it is also a safe solution in regards to ergonomics. The open-air wire decking allows adequate light to reach all shelving heights. This makes it easier for workers to pick and place goods on shelves without going through unnecessary motions of bending up and down to look for product due to improper lighting conditions. This also brings added success to a company due to the increased production rates from decreased picking or placing time.


The final safety benefit of wire shelving is again found in the open-air wire decking. The decking ensures clean storage conditions as it allows dust to flow freely between the shelves instead of settling on the shelves and goods stored. This is especially important for companies that deal with food and medical industries where clean environments are paramount. With many options available in easy to clean chrome finishes, wire shelving has yet another advantage to production rates and storage safety.

Wire Shelving Versatility


Finish options are just one of the many versatile advantages wire shelving has to be useful in a growing facility. It is also easily customizable and modular. Carton storage on wire shelving seamlessly integrates with pallet storage on pallet racking. When more storage space is required, rows of wire shelving can be easily assembled and added to meet the growth.

Strength and Mobility

More options of wire shelving include strength capabilities and mobile units. Facilities should be sure to implement shelving systems that have the strength to store the desired goods. This not only ensures longevity of the shelving units, but also helps make sure the company is not paying for more than what is needed. When a facility needs a mobile storage solution, wire shelving comes with wheeled options. This allows workers to fill a unit and move it anywhere in the facility. The advantages of wire shelving make it a common application in food, beverage, and pharmaceutical facilities where safety and versatility are paramount. Its cleanliness and mobility make it a perfect solution for medical facilities like hospitals, but its strength and robustness make it a great fit for even the toughest of industrial settings. Whatever the application, wire shelving should always be considered when implementing storage solutions.

Author: Sheila Dooley


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