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Hytrol Improves Delivery Times and Quality with Lean Manufacturing

hytrol spare part gear
Lean manufacturing has created a lot of buzz in the past two decades in the manufacturing world.  Once only a technique for the automotive industry, starting with Henry Ford himself, lean manufacturing has now come to the material handling world, particularly Just In Time (JIT).  The Hytrol Conveyor Company, one of  Bastian's frequent suppliers, has used these techniques over the years to build a better business and continues to do so today. In the past, the Hytrol curved roller conveyors used tapered rollers that were manufactured by only a few companies in the U.S.  This led to 4-6 week delivery times depending upon demand.  Hytrol has now brought this process in-house.  By adding these tapered rollers to their JIT operations, Hytrol is able to manufacture the rollers on the spot when they are needed.  This reduces the delivery time to just 1 week,  the standard delivery time for most Hytrol conveyors.  In another effort to reduce outsourcing and improve quality, Hytrol recently purchaced a new Mazak CNC machining center to expand upon their abilities to produce pulleys.  Before, Hytrol had to outsource any pulley greater than 60" wide.  With the new machine, Hytrol can now produce pulleys up a width of 110"!  This will reduce delivery times and improve quality, as Hytrol can now do in house QC to better control the final product.   As mentioned, Hytrol Conveyor Company has made a commitment to produce better products while reducing lead time.  This benefits not only Hytrol but their end users as well... YOU!  Because of these reductions in lead time, Bastian is able to get customers the products they need to meet their goals.  This can potentially reduce system down time as well if you have a damaged pulley or need to replace a tapered roller.   Bastian Material Handling is proud to represent suppliers, like Hytrol Conveyor Company, that have displayed such a commitment to their customer's needs.

Author: Ben Viorel


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