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Put Some “Zoom Zoom” in your Warehouse

[caption id="attachment_7726" align="aligncenter" width="575"]OPEX Perfect Pick Rendering Perfect Pick from OPEX Corporation, one of the newest goods-to-person technologies on the market, offers throughput rates up to 1,000 dual-cycles per hour.[/caption] Mazda’s “Zoom Zoom” catchphrase is about the excitement and exhilaration of experiencing the company’s products. When consumers saw this campaign, they knew the products were sleek and fast because if the definition of “zoom” is to move quickly, then it’s safe to say “zoom zoom” is to move at double the speed. That said - I’ve focused this blog on introducing 3 innovative new storage and retrieval solutions bringing that zoom zoom idea to the material handling industry. These technologies provide unprecedented order fulfillment improvements to any warehouse.
  1. Perfect Pick™: At ProMat, OPEX Corporation announced Perfect Pick™, an automated, high-speed, goods-to-man solution. The system uses the OPEX iBOT™ delivery technology, a proven design originally created for the company’s Mail Matrix™ product. These iBOTs are intelligent, wireless vehicles that race around the track inside the Perfect Pick racking structure storing and retrieving goods at rates up to 1,000 dual-cycles per hour. Each iBOT™ has 100% access to the inventory within a single, Perfect Pick™ aisle giving the system a simplicity that provides speed and efficiency. Watch a video about Perfect Pick™.
  2. EffiMat®: SencorpWhite has joint ventured a new high speed Vertical Lift Module (VLM) known as EffiMat®. This product boasts picking speeds 4 times faster than traditional VLMs with over 400 lines picked per hour. A significant difference in this product over traditional VLMs is its ability to automatically integrate with other EffiMat® VLMs, conveyor, and even robots. This unique integration ability allows for automated replenishment and more operating up time.
  3. MatrixSelect™: Symbotic is a new company focused on creating high density, high speed, product storage and retrieval solutions. Symbotic’s MatrixSelect™ is a high density storage system that can be quickly configured into any existing space, utilize no additional storage requirements, and provide optimal space utilization. Inventory is both stored and retrieved from the MatrixSelect™ system using multiple Matrix Rover™ mobile robots. The Matrix Rover™ robots travel freely throughout the storage structure accessing products at any location and at very high speeds. The total number of Matrix Rover™ robots is a function of your overall throughput requirements. Best of all there is no single point of failure.
For your supply chain to compete in this ever-changing and competitive world, it needs a little “zoom zoom,” and these goods-to-man technologies are a great way to get it. I must confess; I stole the “zoom zoom” idea from my daughter. A few years ago, I was describing to my then 10-year-old-daughter what her daddy does for a living. Like most kids her age, she had never visited a factory or warehouse, so I knew it would be difficult for her to understand. When I stopped talking, she replied with, “So daddy your job is to make warehouses go zoom zoom, right”? Did she nail it or what?

Author: Tom Reddon


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