Global Material Handling System Integrators

3rd Party Logistics (3PL)

Real-time system visibility to improve operations

Your business needs a company with Bastian’s qualifications to provide reliable and economical logistics services to fulfill orders to your customers. Bastian Logistics Solutions was established to provide fulfillment services for clients requiring qualified and proven management of automated fulfillment centers.

  • Automated order fulfillment and warehousing
  • E-commerce integration and support
  • Call center and customer care
  • Inventory management

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What We Do

Managing multiple distribution centers and maintaining accurate inventory for hundreds of contracted customers can be challenging. You need a real time system to give you visibility to your operations. Bastian is a leader in implementing world class order fulfillment systems. In fact, we have even developed patented products that can help you exceed your customer satisfaction goals.

Who We Serve

Bastian Logistics services a diverse customer base from startup entrepreneurs and small companies to fulfillment for large retail chains. We are aware of the importance of reliable, experienced, and proven operations management, especially to run automated systems. Our customers have maximized their investment in automation by investing in the competence of Bastian Logistics Solutions.

Our Philosophy

Bastian Logistics Solutions’ operating philosophy is based upon seven important tenets. Every employee is measured, evaluated and rewarded according to their performance in each of these areas. As a result, Bastian’s out-sourcing solutions consistently exceed the expectations of its clients.


With integrity as the foundation, operating with impeccable quality becomes the cornerstone. Clients entrust Bastian with their life blood – fulfilling orders and managing customer interactions. Bastian recognizes the magnitude of this responsibility and strives to carry out its work with the accuracy and competence of a world-class organization.

Continuous Improvement

Although Bastian achieves a high degree of excellence throughout its operation, its goal is to never dwell on the success of the past or the effectiveness of the present. Instead, Bastian’s strength and continued client satisfaction will only be achieved with an unrelenting desire for continuous improvement in all aspects of the business.


Bastian and its employees do not work in isolation. To succeed in its mission, Bastian recognizes that collaboration, cooperation and understanding among employees and clients is critical.


At the foundation of the business is integrity. Bastian expects that all interactions among employees, clients, client customers, and vendors are carried out with the utmost in integrity and honesty.


Bastian’s expectation is that all services will be delivered in not only an effective but efficient manner. Utilizing sophisticated automated equipment in our distribution centers, Bastian’s goal is to achieve its service and quality objectives at a reasonable cost to its clients.


Bastian’s aim is to exceed the expectations of its clients by delivering the utmost in service. Bastian’s employees, systems and process are all focused on delivering the service and information that Client’s require from their provider of mission-critical support services.

Results Orientation

Working processes and extra-effort are important. However, at the end of the day, what truly matters is delivering results on behalf of our clients. We understand that our client’s success is our success.

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