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Fleet Director Software with Exacta

In the logistics and manufacturing arena, the name of the game is to eliminate waste and gain efficiencies within operations in order to maximize throughput and capacity. Bastian’s goal is to leverage advancements in autonomous technology to incorporate AGVs, automated Fork Trucks, and other machinery with human beings to drive better productivity and safer work environments.

In pursuit of this endeavor, Bastian Solutions has developed Exacta Maestro Fleet Director Software. Build on modern development architecture, Maestro is an application that adds a layer of intelligence and coordination to address the growing interactive complexities in supply chain applications. 

Exacta Maestro orchestrates the task management and movements of a variety of ‘agents’ by combining knowledge of work to be completed and real time positional data of agents that are eligible to complete tasks. Exacta Maestro optimizes the assignment of prioritized ‘Tasks’ to eligible vehicle agents aimed to complete all tasks as effectively as possible, maximizing the use of automation equipment and minimizing labor within your operations.



Exacta Maestro is a fleet direction application that aims to add a layer of intelligence to control individual entities or ‘Agents’ in supply chain applications. By abstracting the concept of an agent into a set of repeatable commands, Maestro integrates a variety of different agent types across platforms and coordinates them toward a common goal.

Utilizing an expandable fleet of Autonomous Guided Vehicles  (AGVs)  that will act as the ‘Agents' in the Exacta Maestro application.

Exacta Maestro has three key application functions

  • Agent Integration (communicating with agents)
  • Task Management (deciding which agent does what when)
  • Dynamic Routing (pre-planning movements to avoid traffic and over-utilization of space)
  • Traffic Management (resolving interaction between agents)
  • Real Time Locating Services (providing accurate real time estimation of agent location)
Move closer to a lights out operation

Fleet Director Software Benefits

  • Increased employee safety
  • Move closer to a fully autonomous lights out operation 
  • Higher reliability and throughput
  • Dynamic reaction to real time situations
  • Better visibility to production issues and productivity improvement opportunities
  • Hardware-independent solution, giving you complete purchasing flexibility for order fulfillment and material handling equipment needs.
  • Modular architecture that makes it easy to meet different communication protocol requirements in real time or batched interface designs.
  • Clear visibility to work in all areas with remote monitoring.
  • Works as a single point of communication to your host system or ERP—simply add the equipment and software module for that type of material handling equipment.
  • User-friendly and intuitive with color coded graphical interfaces.
  • Built-in diagnostic tools, graphics and reports.
  • Designed to accommodate easy, less costly expansion as your business evolves and demand increases.
Maestro in communication with various sensors built into the agvs

Human Machine Interface

Exacta Maestro’s user facing management UI provides a viewport into the system’s physical environment. It displays the agents moving within a configured facility in real-time so that the user can see the system in action. The user has a system scene view that shows the agents interacting with the scene. In addition, the UI shows a heads up display (HUD) for system level information as well as high-level statistics and notifications. Within the system level information, the user is able to view the system task list and the agents in the system. Additionally, Maestro provides the ability to implement changes or actions on the system to change and manage the system as appropriate.

3d HMI provides real time updates & alerts

Mobile Application  

Exacta Maestro includes a web-based application that can facilitate the actions of an agent. The application simulates the messaging back and forth between an agent and the Maestro host to perform tasks.

This application will have the following functions:

  • View task list for the paired agent
  • Send task completion back to the Maestro host
  • Receive pathing directions from the Maestro host
  • Send error events back to the Maestro host 


fleet director software

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