Global Material Handling System Integrators

Knapp OSR Shuttle


Dynamic storage & retrieval at every OSR line

Knapp's OSR Shuttle is a highly dynamic system that can perform storage and retrieval processes on every OSR line. Containers or cartons can be used to transport loads up to 32kg or 70lbs.

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Knapp OSR Shuttle

Industries for Knapp OSR Shuttle

  • Distribution centers
  • Production storage
  • Buffer storage
Knapp OSR Shuttle


  • Maximum height 26 ft. (8 m)
  • Maximum length 164 ft. (50 m)

OSR Shuttle ASRS Storage Density

  • Single deep

Storage Types Supported by the OSR Shuttle ASRS

  • Containers & cartons
  • Up to 70 lbs (32 kg)
Knapp OSR Shuttle


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