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Strengthen Order Fulfillment with the Right Technology

When it comes to order fulfillment, businesses are facing many challenges that require regular evaluations of existing methods and technology. Understanding opportunities to make your business successful is critical when selecting the right technology for order fulfillment improvement to meet growing industry challenges.


When chosen correctly, order fulfillment technology is capable of reducing labor costs with improvements in service levels, higher throughput and scalability. Whether you're looking to improve order accuracy, ramp up productivity or increase customer satisfaction—or all of the above—our experts can provide a solution tailored to your warehouse.


Growing Demand for Order Fulfillment Technology




Instant gratification society (millennials) increases growing demand for quick, accurate order fulfillment



Global Market

Workforce is aging - less people retiring due to cost of living and increasing quality of life. Costs are driven up with need for more accommodations in the warehouse.



Labor Costs

Economic uncertainty and ensuring order fulfillment scalability for sudden increases in demand.


Featured Order Fulfillment Solutions

"Goods-to-Person" Picking Technology

Bastian Solutions was sub-contracted by Aichelin Heat Treatment to provide robotic machine tending to a tempering furnace within Chrysler Motors’ Kokomo, Indiana transmission plant.

"Goods-to-person" technology can be described as stored product retrieval to an operator for order picking. When discussing options available and historical growth for the technology, defining it can be a bit more complex.

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Perfect Pick


Robotic Systems

Automated Storage and Retrieval System

Horizontal and Vertical Carousels

"Person-to-Goods" Picking Technology

Augmented Reality Picking

Pick to Light

Put to Light


Put Wall


RF Scanning


Voice Picking


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