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Robotic Shuttle System


Collaborative Robot Shuttle System 

Our proprietary high-density storage unit features a new way of inventory storage and order fulfillment. Using a non-constrained grid, the robots can enter and pick goods to deliver anywhere within the facility. The adaptive software can queue waves of common items to better adjust to peak seasonal demand. The lightweight robotic arm features a unique vision end of arm tool that can scan and pick a variety of product shapes and sizes. Contact us for a pilot program today.

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Collaborative Robotic Shuttle 

High Density Storage

  • Robot-to-Goods System
    • Goods are picked directly from the system
  • High-Velocity Throughput
    • Pick right at the source and avoid pick station bottlenecks
  • AI Predictive Software
    • System is optimized for quick retrieval of goods in high demand
Robot-to-Goods System


  • Grid Scales to Your Facility's Needs 
    • Grid Scales to add more aisles and height as your business grows
  • High-Density Storage
    • Grid stores totes efficiently with scissor lift
  • Modular Shuttle System
    • Shuttle can be easily configured to the needs of the operations in your facility
  • Flexible End of Arm Tool
    • Capable of picking different types of items in multiple ways
Carbon Fiber Robotic Arm


  • shuttle-grid
  • shuttle-robot-2
  • shuttle-robot

Interested in finding your own solution?