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The 411 on Robotic Simulations

Robotic SimulationBefore making a robotic system investment, companies have begun to require feasibility research through simulations in order to demonstrate the system’s working process. This is accomplished through accurate data driven animations that graphically represent the proposed system and product flow. Customers use the robotic simulation to detect early risks and develop contingency plans from the early design stage. This allows them to take into account the future growth of their company and ensure they will have a viable system for years to come. Another great benefit to robotic simulation is determining the system bottlenecks and the mean time to recover (MTTR) in case any unit (robot, forklift, stretch wrapper, etc.) fails. This is a great article by Bennett Brumson of the Robotics Industry Association regarding robotic simulations. As the article states, “Robotic simulation and off-line programming (OLP) are powerful tools for saving integrators and end-users time and money when designing a work cell. The ability to analyze how a work cell will behave before investing time and money on equipment makes for a smoother transition from concept to reality.” BMH Robotics has the capability to simulate the entire robotic system and process accurately using advanced simulation software provided by major robotics vendors such as ABB, Fanuc and Kuka. These development tools allow our group of Robotics Engineers to begin developing the foundation of the robot programs before a robot is ever purchased. This allows them to begin developing the robot program, identify robot obstacles, cycle time, and reach analysis. Once the system is purchased the robotic engineers have already resolved basic issues thus allowing the project to move forward quickly saving time and money. The robotic simulation proves to be a great resource over the course of the project lifecycle.

Author: Nick VanWallaghen


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