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The guide to seamless robotic system startup and training

In the industrial world, few words cause people to cringe more than the word “startup”. It is common for people to associate startups with 18 hour days and plenty of frustration. Startup of an automated system is an extremely important phase of the project, as typically the Return on Investment (ROI) is based on a certain date to realize savings, but more important is the down time required to install the system and get it up to speed. At BMH Robotics, we understand how critical this phase of the project is and for that reason, we have put several key processes into place to ensure that startup at your facility is as smooth as possible. • Whether the system is a multi-cell robotic palletizing system or a stand alone pallet stacker, BMH Robotics performs a complete Factory Acceptance Test (F.A.T.) on everything that leaves our manufacturing facility. • For large turnkey systems, we completely pre-wire and label the system, so I/O check out is simplified. • When BMH Robotics performs the installation, we have the installation team work with the system on the weeks leading up to shipment so that when they get onsite everyone is very familiar with the system. • Training is also provided by our technicians that install the system. So after spending time in our facility with the equipment and also installing the equipment, there is no one that is more familiar with the equipment than our technicians. • BMH Robotics has the resources to provide complete mechanical & electrical design including PLC programming, so there are no gray areas for finger pointing between vendors! While this list is not exhaustive, it should give you some insight into some of the processes that BMH Robotics has in place to ensure that your next project starts up on time and successfully.

Author: David Mann


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