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The Value of Engineering in our Society

I recently attended a career fair at the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, a leading engineering institution in the U.S.  Aside from finding great engineering talent, one of my favorite things to Transportation, Pharmaceutical, and Communication Technologies do at a career fair is observe the young engineering students as they interact with each other and the recruiters.  It is a perfect opportunity for me to get in touch with what is in effect the future of engineering in our society.  As I watched them, I wondered if they truly realized how much their talents and future contributions are needed for the betterment of our society. Our country was the world leader in the 20th century mainly because of our innovative, technological prowess.  As emerging markets have continued to develop and place more emphasis on engineering and science, the technological dominance we have enjoyed is starting to diminish. Sadly, it seems our society has somewhat lost the innovative edge it once had and no longer seems to grasp the importance of the U.S. as a world leader in technology and innovation.  The profession with the knowledge and talent to achieve the necessary technological advancement our society needs is engineering. Engineers belong to one of the greatest professions in the world and are responsible for so many of the things we have come to take for granted.  For instance, our basic infrastructure consisting of buildings, electricity, and waterways; the advances in medical technology that have resulted in better and lower cost treatment for patients; today's computers and software applications, including mobile communication technologies, and even the video games we play with our families.  When I ponder the seemingly endless future technological advancements that have yet to be discovered, the immense value of having a resource pool of young engineering talent in our country becomes clearly evident. At Bastian Material Handling, nearly 50% of our team members are engineers.  We strive to be an innovative leader in the material handling industry by first recruiting and developing a strong team of talented engineers and then defining and developing new technologies that ultimately will help our customers be more successful. The most desirable attributes we search for in our engineers are the entrepreneurial and creative spirit, passion for engineering, and the general desire to want to help people and make our society a better place. As we packed up that day at the career fair, I remember how thoroughly impressed I was with the quality of candidates whom we had met.  I am pleased to report we were very fortunate to have recruited several great engineers who--with their strong engineering skills, passion, and talents--will help our organization innovate exciting technologies as well as make a significant positive contribution to our common society. Looking into the future, it is my hope that more and more of our gifted high school students will make the decision to pursue a career in engineering.  The rewards of the profession are tremendous, including being a part of developing tomorrow's technologies while helping our country continue to thrive and be an innovative world leader.

Author: Johan Källvik


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