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Top 5 Reasons Modular Offices Make Sense

Benefits of modular in-plant officesModular office systems are pre-fabricated construction used as temporary office locations in addition to your permanent modular office and in-plant offices. When varying business demands require different space solutions, modular office systems offer a cost effective and quick answer. Here are a few items that are categorized within the modular office concept:
  • Portable shelters
  • Mobile offices
  • Guard shacks
  • Ticket booths
  • Clean rooms
  • Modular construction projects from single offices to two-story multiple office systems
If you need any of the office concepts listed above, then I would highly recommend a modular office solution as there are many benefits to using them over conventional structures. Here are the top five reasons modular offices make sense:

1. Quick Response Time

  • Modular offices offer time savings by offering pre-manufactured buildings.
  • All material is pre-cut, mitered and completely finished.
  • No taping, sanding or painting, and installation is completed in a fraction of the time.

2. High Quality

  • Modules are constructed in a controlled environment protecting materials from the elements.
  • Modular offices are resource efficient by reducing labor and waste materials built by skilled trades.
  • They are built to comply with the same building code standards as traditionally constructed units.
  • Consistent design and manufacturing ensure accuracy.

3. Sustainability

  • Less time utilized by construction crews
  • Secured, temperature-controlled environment
  • Streamlined manufacturing processes limit wasted material

4. Flexibility

  • Buildings can be re-purposed and relocated
  • Can be relocated with minimal expense
  • Customizable design options with adaptable floor plans
  • Designed to blend with surrounding aesthetics

5. Cost Savings

  • Modular office design, fabrication and construction takes roughly 25% of the time to complete as a non-modular unit.
  • You get the tax advantage of 7-year depreciation as opposed to 39 years required with conventional construction.
If your project calls for an office, consider modular offices and keep your project on schedule and under budget.


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