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Top 5 things to keep in mind when considering a conveying solution.

  1. Is your product easily conveyed? In general there is a type of conveyor for just about all types of products, whether it is bags, boxes, crates or pallets, but there are some limitations. More information...
  2. Do you have a similar sized product mix? Conveyors must be sized to fit the largest of your products and therefore work best when there is a commonly sized product being conveyed.Conveyor with Totes
  3. Are your throughput expectations reasonable for a conveyor application? In general conveyors run at about 65 feet per minute, with an average speed range of 17-135 FPM.  Some conveyors can reach speeds of 300-600 FPM! If you have an need for that level of speed, send us an email and we can assist you with your conveyor selection.
  4. Do  you have special environmental  implications? Environmental conditions effect which conveyor types to use for a particular application. ie.  Belt conveyors aren't suitable for oily conditions.
  5. Does your facility have the capabilities to handle this technology? Application decisions require information related to facility footprint, change in elevations, available electrical drops, operation time and number of starts / stops during the day.
To learn more about the various conveyor types available, check out our Conveyor Store, or if you are more interested in a complete conveyor system, visit our Conveyor Systems page.  Moving boxes down a conveyor is not always as easy as it sounds.  Please, let us assist you with your selection.  Email us, submit a Request for Quote , or Post a Comment here and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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