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UPS is Making Logistics a Household Word; For That We Say Thank You UPS

You have probably seen the new UPS commercials on TV--the spots singing about logistics to the tune of "That's Amore."  I would argue that most people don't spend too much time thinking about where their "stuff" comes from, but UPS is on a mission to change that. The first spots were aired over the holiday season as UPS encouraged those last minute online shoppers to go ahead and send those packages.  My personal favorite is the UPS: We ? Logistics Driver commercial, which goes a little something like this:

UPS: We ? Logistics Driver Commercial

Worker 1: What are you looking at? Worker 2: Logistics! Worker 1: Ben, UPS Guy? Worker 2: You see Ben. I see Logistics. Worker 1: Logistics? Worker 2: Think. Ben is new markets. Ben is global access--China and beyond. Ben is a smarter supply chain. Ben is higher margins. Happier customers! Everybody wins. Worker 1: Logistics! Worker 2: Exactly! Ben: (Smiling) See you guys tomorrow. To borrow from UPS, the people at Bastian love logistics, too, and we're even happier that UPS is helping others love it as well. As we don't ship anything, that's what UPS is for; Bastian's contribution to logistics is more of a silent partner.  As the behind the scenes specialist, we make it all happen, so when UPS shows up ready to collect their labeled packages and then fly them to "China and beyond" your order is perfect inside the box. Our mission is to help our customers--the people you buy from--increase their productivity through proven automation, information systems, and sound operating procedures.  We do this in many ways, from engineering the material handling system and process, to installing the conveyor system, and developing the warehouse management software (WMS) that makes it all talk. As the commercial says, "Happier customers! Everybody wins!"

Author: Jon Tilmon


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